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What are our COVID-19 protocols for keeping kids safe?

We have very strict and thorough social distancing and sanitation practices in place that are in accordance with the CDC.  Please review the following with your student and inform him/her that these guidelines will remain in effect until further notice and that all students are expected to adhere to them at all times.

1. The studio is regularly and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

2. We sanitize the classrooms and break room between each class.

3. Our students are assigned seats in the breakroom and spots on the dance floor to assure proper distancing.

4. Everyone is required to remain at least six feet apart at all times.

5. We have hand sanitizer outside of each classroom and each dancer is required to use it before going into the room.

6. Street shoes may not be worn inside the building.

7. Only students and staff are allowed inside the building.

8. If anyone is sick, they must stay home!

It is important to note that, regardless of our strict protocols, there are no guarantees that your dancer will not become infected, and these protocols are in no way intended to create an assurance of safety from contracting Covid-19.  Owners and directors make no representations, guaranties, covenants or warranties about the safety of your student while a student at our studio. By signing our agreement in our registration form you are acknowledging and agreeing that neither the owners, directors, teachers, or student teachers have made any verbal or written assurances regarding risk from exposure to or contraction of Covid-19.

Parent/Guardian agrees to inform the staff at The Fountain of the Arts immediately if a student comes into direct contact with, exhibits symptoms of, or tests positive for Covid-19.  However, failure of the owners and staff of The Fountain of the Arts to give notice of knowledge of or reports of instances of Covid-19 does not create liability.  Instances of Covid-19 may not be known to the owners or staff of The Fountain of the Arts and may unknowable due to medical privacy considerations as well as asymptomatic carriers.

Owners, directors, teachers and student teachers have no liability from exposure to or contraction of Covid-19 due to attendance in regular classes, competitions, recitals, performances, practices, class parties, or any other function or activity arising from enrollment at The Fountain of the Arts.  

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the owners, directors, teachers and student teachers of The Fountain of the Arts from any and all claims, losses, personal injuries, property loss, or damages to your family that may arise from enrollment in regular classes, practices, attendance at competitions, performances, class parties, or any other function or activity in which you and your dancer may participate.

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